Northern Stars Chorus is a mixed barbershop chorus with members from the Nordic countries.
With members from many different cities, we do not practice every week. Our rehearsals are one weekend day or whole weekend rehearsals, approximately once a month.

Northern Stars was formed as an initiative from SNOBS (The Society of Nordic Barbershop Singers) to establish the first mixed barbershop chorus in the Nordic countries with the goal to compete at BinG (Barbershop In Germany) in April 2020.

Two years later, postponed by the pandemic, the chorus made it's much anticipated debut on stage, at the European Barbershop Convetion in Helsingborg in May 2022, resulting in gold medals in both the SNOBS Nordic championship and the European championship.

Northern Stars runs under the masterful direction of Rasmus Krigström, with his team of Sanna Berndts, Anna Rosenberg, Tindra Thor, Janne Alexandersson and Henrik Rosenberg assisting.

Like stars on the sky, each one shines brilliantly and clearly with a unique persona.